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Key Shore Bank

Personal Data Policy Declaration

1. Personal data

Key Shore Bank's policy regarding the collection and processing of personal data of employees, customers, counterparties and other persons providing personal information is based on Chapter 486 of the Personal Data Ordinance approved by the People's Unite States Of America.
By personal data, we mean any information that directly or indirectly identifies a person or entity.

2. Authority and Responsibilities

The use of confidential information shall be in strict accordance with the requirements for its collection, storage and processing. key Shore Bank shall take all possible organisational and technical measures to protect personal data from unauthorised access by third parties.

3. Key Shore Bank's authorised representatives:

• Use only legal methods to collect information;
• Protect personal data to the best of their ability by all means permitted by law;
• Regular update software and hardware to improve the quality of personal data protection;
• Grant customers the right to review the Bank's personal data policy and change personal as the

see fit

• Use personal data only for the Bank's internal purposes: service provision, marketing, statistical re­search.

4. Key Shore Bank customers have the right to:

• Give or withhold consent to the processing of their personal data;
• Have unrestricted and free access to their personal data;
• Request changes, if the information is incorrect or outdated;
• Demand deletion, if the data is used for purposes other than those stated by the Bank; • Take measures permitted by law to protect their personal data.

5. Key Shore Bank takes the following measures to protect customers' personal information:

• Appoints persons responsible for the processing of personal data;
• Uses a restrictive system of user access to the databases;
• Trains staff on the legislative requirements for the protection of personal information;
• Uses c uses cryptographic data protection tools;
• Uses password protection for access to the personal data system;
• Provides state-of-the-art anti-virus protection;
• Organise an appropriate level of accounting and storage of the material database media to prevent

their substitution, theft, deterioration, unauthorised copying and destruction.

6. General

The Bank will retain personal information until the purposes for which it was collected cease to be rele­vant. After that time, the data will be destroyed.