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Privacy and Cookie Statement

1. Personal data

Key Shore Bank treats personal information provided to us by customers, counterparties and others with respect and care. We collect, store and process personal data in accordance with the current privacy law require­ments.

2. Data usage

Key Shore Bank uses the following personal data of individuals and companies as part of its privacy policy:

• Information that a person independently leaves on the Bank's website and in the process of using the Bank's services. The mandatory data for correct cooperation is marked with a special symbol. The rest is

transmitted to the organisation at the user's discretion;

• Data transmitted to the website without the direct participation of the users: IP addresses, browser information, hardware specifications, and cookies;

• Any other information that may be necessary for the purposes of Key Shore Bank's customer data processing.

3. Purposes of information collection and processing

Key Shore Bank users' personal data for:

• Customer identification in digital banking;

• Provision of access to banking products;

• Customer feedback, including sending notifications and promotional materials;

• Marketing and statistical research to optimise service performance;

• The organization of appropriate information and technical support in case of problems related to the use of the Bank's services.

4. Cookie Policy

Key Shore Bank uses cookies and similar technologies that automatically read information from the user's

device when visiting the website. Cookies are used to improve speed, optimism website performance,

provide personalized advertising, analyze statistics, remember search queries, and improve the usability and

• At your discretion, you may manually delete cookies before they expire or disable their storage in your browser. However, Key Shore Bank does not guarantee that the website's functions will work correctly or in full.

5. General

Man Management reserves the right to amend the privacy policy unilaterally. Current provisions are pub­ lished in this document. The user may periodically review the statement to remain informed of changes.

security of the website as a whole.

Key Shore Bank does not, under any circumstances, use cookie technology to collect personal data without the owner's consent.